You are Alan "The Bear" Westmoreland, Marine Corps Sergeant. The trouble starts on a deadly Viet Cong raid. Here the jungle is your battleground. Your mission, survive. NAM captures all the intensity and paranoia of jungle warfare. Fire -fights, ambushes, booby -traps, snipers, air -strikes, anti-personnel mines, and more. Feel the tropical heat, and fear of tunnel skirmishes, paddy killing fields, swamps, and thick jungles. Nam is the first game of its kind.... NAM is war...

NAM places you in the center of the Vietnam war in 1966. Sgt. Alan "The Bear" Westmoreland, is the most deadly weapon in the US arsenal. He IS a Marine sergeant That the CIA has "taken under its wing". The Bear is the toughest, most deadly one-man wrecking crew in Nam. His secret lies in an experimental serum that is a healing agent, pain killer, and stimulant all rolled into one bad-ass cocktail. His mission is to perform standard military operations, acting alone or with small teams, but always against overwhelming odds. Hr is the test case for a new type of stealth infantryman. His mission is to surviveva couple tours of duty... just to see if he can live through the side effects of the drug... War is hell....



Key Sequence Effect
NVAGOD God mode
MVASHOWMAP Displays entire map (toggle on/off)
NVABLOOD Gives you all weapons, ammo, and items
NVUNLOCK Unlocks all doors (toggle on/off)
NVACLIP Clipping mode (toggle on/off)
NVALEVEL### Level select; first # is Episode number, and the second
and third #s are the Mission number; for example, Tour of Duty 2
Mission 7 would be NVALEVEL207
NVARATE Shows frame rate (toggle on/off)
NVADEBUG Debugging information (toggle on/off)
NVAMATT Radioman - Following
NVDUKE This supposedly puts you in Duke Nukem mode, but we cannot get it to work